Health Benefits of Cycling

Hiawatha Franks is a long time member of the insurance claims industry and is currently a Claims Director at The Hartford in Lake Mary, Florida.

In his free time, Hiawatha Franks is a fitness enthusiast, especially when it comes to cycling. Since cycling is a holistic activity, there are many health benefits including:

Hiawatha Franks is an avid cyclistBuilding Strength and Muscle Tone- Since every part of the body is involved in cycling, it can gradually increase strength and muscle tone without strain. The muscle tone in legs, rear, hips, and thighs are especially likely to gain definition.

Reduces Stress- Cycling is a good way to connect with nature and rejuvenate the soul. As with any exercise, it can improve a person’s overall well being, including reducing stress and depression. Hiawatha Franks cycles to cope with any stress he is feeling; work related or otherwise.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness- Since your heart is pounding steadily during cycling, it can help improve cardiovascular fitness. Cycling regularly improves heart health, lungs and circulation, and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. In fact, according to, those who cycles to work increased their cardio fitness by 3-7%.

Burns Calories- Steadily cycling can help individuals lose weight, as it burns nearly 300 calories per hour. Cycling daily for 30 minutes can result in a loss of 11 pounds per year. Since you are building muscle, it can also boost your metabolic rate.

Improves Coordination- As cycling is a holistic activity, arm-to-leg, body-to-eye, and feet-to-hands coordination can be improved.

While cycling is generally a low impact exercise for people of all ages, Hiawatha Franks encourages individuals to talk to their doctor before incorporating it into a fitness regime.

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Hiawatha Franks Outlines Tips for Safe Cycling

A cycling enthusiast, Hiawatha Franks understands that sharing the road with motorists can expose cyclists to danger. Here, he outlines a few tips to ride more safely.

1. Familiarize yourself with applicable traffic rules and abide by them. Each state maintains its own laws about sharing the road. Many of these rules are posted on state websites.
2. Use marked bike lanes when available. When sharing the road, look for those with “sharrows,” painted markings that alert motorists that they’re sharing the road with cyclists.
3. Attach flashing lights to the front and the back of your bicycle. A reflective vest or safety triangle also can make you more visible.
4. Wear a helmet. Make sure it fits snugly and remains in place when you shake your head.
5. Don’t ride too close to the curb. Cyclists who hug the curb are less visible and more likely to be hit by a motorist crossing in front of them.

A longtime insurance industry professional, Hiawatha Franks relaxes by cycling and taking part in other outdoor activities.

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Hiawatha Franks on 100 Years of Leadership with Kappa Alpha Psi

A member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity while a student at Texas State University, Hiawatha Franks obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from the school. An experienced insurance claims manager, Hiawatha Franks currently works in Lake Mary, Florida, and uses skills he learned in Kappa Alpha Psi in his day-to-day endeavors. Founded in 1911, Kappa Alpha Psi (KAP) has spent the last century promoting and developing young men’s leadership skills. Made up of undergraduate and alumni chapters across the country, Kappa is a respected fraternity with numerous programs designed to build strong character, academic excellence, and promote community service and outreach. Kappa’s programs include Guide Right, a national service program that reaches out to high school and college students alike, and Diamonds in the Rough, a national campaign that promotes academic, social, and service achievements. Kappa also sponsors Healthy Kappas Healthy Communities, which provides wellness and health tools for Kappa members, their families, and communities in which chapters exist. Through these programs, the fraternity ensures that membership is a positive experience rather than a negative one.

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Florida United Methodist Children’s Home

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home was established in Enterprise, Florida in 1908 as the Florida Methodist Orphanage.  I have volunteered for events at this Children’s home for the past few years and have been thoroughly impressed and moved by the commitment of the staff and services that they provide to the most vulnerable in our society, our children. 

Learn more at:

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Hiawatha Franks: Cycling Helps Individuals Meet Healthy Fitness Levels

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are many health and economic consequences to being obese. Lack of sufficient physical activity, leading to excess calories and an energy imbalance, is a cause of obesity. Engaging in daily physical activity and controlling caloric intake are the primary ways for people to control their energy balance. The CDC recommends getting approximately two and a half hours of aerobic activity per week.

Cycling can be an excellent way to enjoy aerobic activity and work towards a healthy caloric balance. Many people find indoor cycling classes at local gyms to be a fun way to work out, while others consider outdoor cycling to be their niche. Either way, cycling may prevent obesity in the short term and may also help to avert other health problems later in life.

About Hiawatha Franks: A fitness enthusiast, Hiawatha Franks leads multiple teams in many jurisdictions as a Claims Manager with The Hartford. Prior to joining The Hartford in Lake Mary, Florida, he held a position as Field Claim Director for American International Group, Inc., located in Georgia. Mr. Franks is an alumnus of Texas State University, where he earned a BBA and was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Mr. Franks holds affiliation with the American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter.

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Hiawatha Franks: Helpful Resources for Planning Travels Near and Far

Whether one is planning on visiting a national park or an international destination, there are various precautions a wise traveler should take. For example, it can be useful to read about the latest tips online and to take basic steps toward staying safe and having more fun.

Many travel websites offer brief, simple suggestions for those preparing to embark on journeys. For example, packing suitcases intelligently can make travel more manageable. By leaving valuables at home, one can prevent them from getting lost or perhaps even stolen. It may also be prudent to take only the credit cards and information that you need on a trip. Knowledge of of local customs, current affairs, and regional weather can help keep travelers safe as well. It is also advisable to let others know of your itinerary in case of an emergency. Furthermore, taking simple precautions at night—such as staying close to familiar regions—can also help travelers stay secure.

For travelers with kids, it is especially important to consider altitude, vaccinations, and safe food choices. In addition, having the proper clothing and a list of medical information can be vital in case of emergencies.

About Hiawatha Franks: An experienced insurance professional, Hiawatha Franks is a Claims Manager at The Hartford in Florida. Hiawatha Franks has led teams in several capacities for many years, with a focus on efficiency and customer service. He balances his career in insurance with hobbies such as live music, fitness, and travel.

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