Hiawatha Franks Outlines Tips for Safe Cycling

A cycling enthusiast, Hiawatha Franks understands that sharing the road with motorists can expose cyclists to danger. Here, he outlines a few tips to ride more safely.

1. Familiarize yourself with applicable traffic rules and abide by them. Each state maintains its own laws about sharing the road. Many of these rules are posted on state websites.
2. Use marked bike lanes when available. When sharing the road, look for those with “sharrows,” painted markings that alert motorists that they’re sharing the road with cyclists.
3. Attach flashing lights to the front and the back of your bicycle. A reflective vest or safety triangle also can make you more visible.
4. Wear a helmet. Make sure it fits snugly and remains in place when you shake your head.
5. Don’t ride too close to the curb. Cyclists who hug the curb are less visible and more likely to be hit by a motorist crossing in front of them.

A longtime insurance industry professional, Hiawatha Franks relaxes by cycling and taking part in other outdoor activities.

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