About Hiawatha Franks

Hiawatha Franks

Hiawatha Franks earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Risk Management from Texas State University–San Marcos in 1992. In 2013 he obtained his Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Risk Management, from Walden University. Between 1992 and 2013 he built a very successful career within the workers’ compensation insurance industry.

Hiawatha Franks began his career following completion of his undergraduate when he was hired as a Claims Adjuster and Proceedings Analyst for Texas Mutual Insurance Company. After five years, he transitioned to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to work as a Claims Manager. He was promoted to Workers’ Compensation Claims Director two years later and held this position for five years. From TASB’s Austin office, he directed a staff of more than 50 claims professionals and six direct reports. He was responsible for the oversight of over 6,500 workers’ compensation claims. During his tenure at TASB, he also managed claims under the third-party administration, guaranteed cost coverage, and loss-sensitive/large-deductible provisions.

While working for TASB, Hiawatha Franks earned high praise for his ability to successfully close 50% of accounts by selling claims to clients during finalist presentations. He also re-wrote departmental best practices, which led to a 20% increase in net recoveries after restructuring the subrogation protocol. A fraud prevention and awareness program, which he implemented, offered input on proposed legislation that could affect TASB-insured parties.

In 2005, Hiawatha Franks joined The Hartford’s Houston office, where he was a Claims Manager until 2007. During his tenure, he aggressively tackled performance issues and significantly grew their large account claims unit. He also played a key role on a nationwide team responsible for restructuring The Hartford’s workers’ compensation claims business model. He left The Hartford to work as Field Claims Director for AIG in Atlanta before returning to The Hartford two years later to work as a Claims Manager, and was soon after promoted to Claims Director.

As the current Director of Small Commercial Programs with The Hartford in Lake Mary, Florida, Hiawatha Franks educates and trains his business partners while delivering reviews of claim trends and developing solutions to strategic challenges. He also works nonstop to refine and perfect the claim service experience for The Hartford’s Small Commercial Program business.

When Hiawatha Franks is not working, he devotes much of his time to cycling and other outdoor fitness activities. He also enjoys live music and traveling.


Learn more about Hiawatha Franks and his experience by connecting with him on Google+ or follow his blog on Tumblr: http://hiawathafranks.tumblr.com/


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